how to get a Canadian visa ?

Find out how to get hold of ETA visa Canada

It’s a new prerequisite for tourists who are not citizens of Canada and they don’t usually need a visa to be in Canada. This sort of electronic prerequisite is related to the passport of the individual and is also commonly valid for five years or up until the period your visa ends.

The citizens other than those from the United States who don’t need a visa to be in Canada they should get an ETA before they enter Canada. This system of electronic travel authorization was commissioned during 15th March 2016. From that point it has been successful and broadly accepted by many people who visit Canada through air.

Requirements when submitting an application for ETA

Before you apply for an ETA to Canada You have to have a completely detailed schedule containing information like a confirmed return ticket and accommodation.
Be in possession of a valid passport(no less than Six months) prior to travel ( Canadian visa requirements ) .

You should not possess any criminal history.
Even though you can apply for Canadian ETA from 6 months to a few hours prior to travel, travel professionals advised you at least apply beforehand( just like one month before). This will let you confirm all the requirement before you travel, since when you are applying in hurry you might neglect some things.
You should have enough money in your banking account.
You must have a great medical condition, which you must have a report from a certified doctor.

How to make an application for an ETA Canada

The application procedure for ETA Canada is fast and easy. In some instances, you have ETA in just a small amount of time and sometimes, it may take a while due to the confirmation of your records. A few of the procedures that you have to fulfill while you are trying to get an ETA visa Canada are:

First, you must be able to search on the internet for the Canadian Embassy webpage where you can apply for a Visa to Canada. You’ll need to fill up the necessary paperwork online. This application form has all the information which are vital that you must fill up before getting the ETA Canada. The applicant is required to fill all these details in relevant details.

After filling up all the information ensure that you incorporate all of the legal documents which might be indicated in the form. Try to proof read through so that you can figure out if you have filled up all the details accurately.

Before you submit you need to be able to pay for the Canadian visa application fee which may be showed. After payment, you will receive a message within 3 days to confirm your application.
In the event you present incorrect details your application for ETA visa will be declined. In some instances, the Canadian embassy may provide you second opportunity to correct your details depending on the legality of your case. Attempting to do forgery may make you’re to be jailed, since the Canadian government does not tolorate anybody wanting to fake his/her information to get his/her ETA processed. As a result you must be careful as you are making an application your ETA Canada.


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