When Apple announced the new iPad 2 in March 2011, they also cut the iPad 1 Price by $100 across the board. This caused a buying frenzy among bargain seekers and people who had found the price before had been just out of their reach.A few days after the announcement of the new iPad 2 there were some incredible iPad 1 price deals, some even going down almost another $100 after the price slash from Apple for a total of almost $200 discount. Those deals are no longer available, but you can still get the iPad 1 price at more than the original $100 cut.Now though the iPad 1 price drop is still in effect, soon it will not be possible to purchase a new iPad 1. Stocks of the first generation units are dwindling rapidly as customers literally snatch them off the shelves.So Why Would You Get an iPad 1 Now – Whatever the iPad 1 Price?Despite the obvious advancement in innovation that was part of the new release, especially in terms of speed and graphics capabilities; and the reduction in the thickness and weight of each unit. Most experts consider the iPad 2 an incremental upgrade rather than an entirely new model.If the tasks that you require from the iPad are more in the range of office or school work, web surfing, reading books and periodicals or even watching movies and listening to music, then the iPad 1 should be more than enough for your needs. On the other hand if you will be using the iPad to do a lot of gaming, then it might be better to get the iPad 2, but even in this case you might be able to get a refurbished iPad 2 at a considerably less cost than a new one.A Summary of Features for both iPads.Below are Features shared by both the iPad 1 and the iPad 2. They the both come with:* a 9.7 inch LED-backlit IPS LCD* a screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768* Storage – flash drive in 3 sizes (16GB, 32GB 64GB)* WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n)* Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology* Accelerometer (3-axis)* a battery that can run for 10+ hours before you need to recharge it* Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi+3GBelow are iPad 1 only Features, all these have been upgraded in the iPad 2:* the processor is 1GHz Apple A4* memory is 256MB RAM* a cellular radio (EDGE plus tri-band HSPA)Below are iPad 2 only Features, some of these are upgrades from the first generation, while the others are completely new features:* the processor is 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 (upgrade)* memory is 512MB RAM (upgrade)* Front camera – VGA (new feature)* Rear camera – 720p (new feature)* a cellular radio – EDGE plus quad-band HSPA or CDMA / EV-DO Rev. A – (new feature)* a Gyroscope – 3-axis (new feature)ConclusionAs you can see both iPads are extremely powerful. Taking the above into consideration, and with the iPad 1 functionality not being dramatically different from the iPad 2 for many users, it is easy to see why the iPad 1 price drop makes the iPad so attractive to get.

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