Are you about to purchase an iPad 2 and curious as to whether you’ll get your money’s worth? If so, you’ve got to hear what the die-hard Apple fans are saying about this brand new revelation in mobile technology. In this review, you’ll learn exactly what the iPad 2 has to offer, whether you’re a professional, a gamer, an aspiring musician or just a gadget enthusiast.You’ll also be glad to know that you can purchase the iPad 2 without having to pitch a tent and wait in a 24 hour queue outside the Apple store just to get your hands on one.We’ll get to that in a second…
For now, let’s talk about the features of the iPad 2 and why people are itching to get their hands on one.What You’ll Notice Right Away About the iPad 2You might have heard the saying: “It’s never as good as the first time,” but the technical genius Steven Jobs and his team of ninja programmers have proven that wrong with the creation of the new iPad 2.The first thing you’ll notice about your brand new iPad 2 is its slimmer, sexier, super light weight design. If you’re the type of person who wants super fast access to your favorite applications and projects without having to be weighed down by a bulky machine, the iPad 2 is just what the doctor ordered.It’s lightweight, convenient design is equaled only by its screaming processor speed, which leaves the original iPad in the dust, streaming videos, graphics and web pages at nine times the speed as its predecessor. In fact, Josh Ong from Appleinsider claimed that the display for the iPad 2 had an “almost identical performance to the iPhone 4.”Best yet, the iPad 2 has the same battery life as the original iPad, making it the perfect solution for working on your projects at your favorite outdoors spot like the beach or the park.Of course, some techies are still claiming that the camera features still don’t match those which are found on some cell phones. Nevertheless, the iPad 2 is the perfect gadget for someone who wants the flexibility and independence of accessing their favorite websites and their projects from anywhere that they please.The Apple iPad 2 also has some eerily futuristic gaming features could almost be right out of a science fiction novel…What Makes the iPad 2 a Dream Come True for Even the Most Hard to Impress GamersIf you thought the iPad was a dream come true for gamers, get ready to fall in love with its superfast, feature rich sequel: the iPad 2. The iPad 2 might just be for Gamers what CGI animation was for movie buffs. Not only does the 900% increase in graphics speed make the speed of the original iPad look like molasses running uphill, its new intelligent features combine the virtual gaming world with the real world.For example, your physical movements can actually control where your game character is looking or the direction of their attack! Move your iPad 2 down, up or to the left or right, and you can change the direction of your attack! Also, say goodbye to slow loading or response times, the iPad 2’s super fast processor speed and graphics delivery makes those a thing of the past.Are you an aspiring musician or someone who just wants to create their own tunes and share them with friends? If so, just wait until you hear how the iPad 2 delivers an irresistible set of features for making everyone’s dream of being a published musician come true…The iPad 2 Bridges the Talent Gap for Aspiring MusiciansHave you always wanted to create your own music, but didn’t have the training and education to make your end product sound like it did in your mind? If so, you’ll be blown away by the musical composition features of your new iPad 2.The iPad 2 comes fully equipped with a brand new version of Garage Band, available for only a measly $9.99, which allows you to create multi-track which you can export directly to iTunes!You have hundreds of instruments including guitars, pianos and virtual drum sets at your fingertips. You can use these instruments to create your own music or to play along with tracks of your favorite songs. Best yet, these instruments can be set to where it’s impossible for you to play out of tune, since they’re tuned only to the key of your composition.You can also convert your iPad into an 8-track sampler and use the virtual “dummy proof” instrument features to crank out your own multi-instrument creations. When you’re done, simply record them and upload them directly into iTunes. Considering the reasonable price and the portability of the iPad 2, how amazing is it that you can now accomplish what used to take tens of thousands dollars in expensive studio equipment and hours of trial and error to put together?So now that I’ve got you salivating over the super-sequel to the original iPad, you’re probably wondering how easy it is to get a hold of one at a decent price right?
Some Great News for iPad 2 Enthusiasts: No WaitingAs you’re reading this, hundreds of thousands of raving Apple fans are swarming the Apple stores. Some of them are waiting for up to 24 hours just to get their hot little hands on one of these dream machines. In fact, Amanda Foote, a college student from New York who had been waiting in line for over 40 hours to purchase an iPad 2, sold her first spot in the iPad 2 queue for nine-hundred dollars.The problem is that the Apple stores frequently “run out of stock,” a known scarcity strategy which Apple uses to generate more press about their hot new products. If you’d rather purchase your iPad 2 without resorting to spending days living in the parking lot of your local Apple dealer, you’ll be glad to know that you can order online and escape the madness.In summary, the iPad 2 is surely worth the money, and you’re going to realize this once you get your hands on one.

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