Ever heard the statement, “Bigger is better?” With the iPad, this seems to be true. Before this tablet device came out, some people criticized it, dismissing it as nothing but an oversized iPod Touch or a giant iPhone. But when people all over the world bought the iPad in droves and made it the bestselling, number one must-have new product, the critics had to bite their tongues and acknowledge they were mistaken. Far from just being an “oversized iPod Touch,” the iPad is a revolutionary product that is changing the way people read, play, work and communicate. The coming of the iPad heralded what is now dubbed the “tablet revolution.” People in the know are now saying that 2011 is the year of the tablet, and the iPad surely had something to do with it.But what exactly is so great about the iPad? Why is it better than the iPhone or the iPod Touch? Below are some of the reasons why the iPad is a superior device.First, size matters. At about ten inches across, the iPad is considerably bigger than the iPhone or the iPod Touch (these latter two are approximately of the same size, 3.5 inches). This means better Internet browsing, better video and picture viewing, better reading, and better use of apps in general on the iPad tablet device. In fact, gadget-loving people of all ages and persuasions are re-discovering the pleasures of reading because of the iPad. “E-reading” on the iPad brings a novel feel to the age-old pastime, and sales of e-books have gone up when the iPad entered the market. Ipad apps such as iBooks and Kindle, in addition to various magazine and newspaper iPad apps, all helped to bring this about.Not only is the iPad bigger in physical size; it also has a greater screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels. (The iPhone’s is only 480×320.) Moreover, the iPad has bigger storage space of up to 64 GB, considered roomy enough for anyone’s favorite collection of videos, pictures and documents.Another advantage of the iPad is that it makes typing emails and documents much more easy than on the iPhone. The iPad has a large on-screen keyboard that allows fast, easy and almost error-free data input. This keyboard becomes even bigger and more convenient to use when the iPad is rotated in landscape mode. And if this isn’t enough, one can always choose to buy a separate, physical keyboard that can be connected to the iPad through a cable or wirelessly via bluetooth. Writers and people who type a lot often choose this option.Speaking of typing and documents, there are a lot of iPad apps that can help anyone compose email messages, articles and literary works, and all kinds of documents. Most popular of these apps are Pages and Numbers, which are Apple’s versions of the ubiquitous Microsoft Word and Excel.Currently, there are far more apps available for the iPhone than for the iPad. However, a huge majority of these iPhone apps can be installed on the iPad too, and they work just as fine. Also, many apps for Apple products have both iPhone and iPad versions. Almost all the time, the iPad version looks and works better simply because of the larger screen. At a glance, one can easily see more detail and information.While the iPad clearly has more to offer than the iPhone, the latter is not without its advantages too. Because it is smaller, the iPhone can be pocketed while the iPad cannot. The iPhone can make calls too, which the iPad cannot do. But then again, the iPad was never intended to be used as a phone. It is simply a great tablet device for multimedia viewing, connecting online, games and entertainment, as well as work.

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